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What is the process that I should expect?

Each job has it's exclusive details and that is why you need a company who will be willing to listen and to be flexible with your requests. Generally, first contact is made by stopping in, giving us a call or send an email with a basic idea of what we can help you accomplish. Depending on the scope of work, we prioritize meeting with you to discuss the opportunity or if time is tight, we will stop by while you're away and measure your property areas and give you an estimate. If you have questions, a phone call is welcome! Typically you will send back the signed estimate and we will schedule you for work!


Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance means a regular upkeep of your property. Like a car or a bank account needs to have attention given to it, proper care will raise your home's value and curb appeal. It makes it easier to take care of other aspects of your home or business when you don't need to devote more time to your exterior and let us do it for you. 


Do you fertilize? 

Yes we do! We follow a 5 step program that includes a Crabgrass control application in March or April, then a Broadleaf control application in May or June. The 3rd step is a Summer Insect & Pest application with a feeding in July/August. The rest of the applications include an Autumn Broadleaf control to take care of any weeds that may have crept in and a Winter feeding will promote healthy roots unitl Spring rolls around again! We can customize


Why should I mulch?

Think of your landscape and flower beds as extensions of your home. Mulch does a great job covering roots & dirt, sprucing up around a flagpole or trees in your yard. You want it to look beautiful like your home or business! Mulch can be laid at anytime of the year snow isn't covering and it is used to protect plantings and retain water in the ground for them to thrive. We edge around the bed, pull extra debris from the area, apply a pre-emergent weed control and top it off with a fluffy coat of your choice of mulch. We have many different colors as well as types of mulch - your choice! 


My shrubs and trees are too crowded!

We know that it looks good to have a group of shrubs planted for that instant feeling of satisfaction. If you've been on an elevator with too many people, imagine the health of the plantings! Roots may eventually rise above the ground and inhibit growth or tangle together so if there is a removal in the future of one or more, the health of the neighboring shrubs are also in danger as they break. When we plant, we install for best practices now and for later as they mature. We offer trimming hedges, rows, small trees and bushes. Well experienced in shaping and retaining good growth, our teams take pride in listening and working within your desires.



Mowing is the larger picture and crown jewel of your property. Why? Because it covers most of the square footage! Grass helps keep erosion at bay, makes your neighbor jealous (depending on how it's cared for) or keeps the inside of your house cleaner because the kids aren't a muddy mess when they run in. Proper care is a wise investment. 


What measurement should grass be at?

Grass should never be cut shorter than 2.5 to 3 inches in height. A general rule of thumb is to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. This means scheduling your mowing based on the lawn's growth rate. There are exceptions such as if you are reclaiming part of the property for a specific purpose and our commercial grade mowers are suited for brush-hogging. The weather plays a factor in determining when and if you need to mow either. Usually in the heat of Summer, grass is tired and does not grow.


Is it important to sharpen your blades?

Liberty hates dull blades. An uneven and ragged appearance typically follows behind a mower with dull blades. We pride ourselves on sharpness to make our jobs shine with each pass we take. Your lawn care company is as good as it's blades! You expect the best from us and we work to deliver and exceed your expectations. Dull blades shred the grass tips, creating openings for disease organisms to enter. Watch for shredded grass tips as a sign of dull blades. 


Should I catch the clippings?

Clippings should not be removed, but returned to the lawn to recycle nutrients. Clippings are short lived and do not contribute to thatch buildup, as many people believe. However, clippings should be removed if they are excessive in length and smothering the lawn. We leave the trimmings on the lawn for the nutrients to be absorbed as they decay or for the passing bird to make a nest. Excess trimmings will be blown to the side of the property or spread more lightly to be broken down. If you require bagging, we are equipped to do so.


Mowing Process

We arrive at the property, if we need confirmation about property lines we will knock on your door (that is the only time that we would) and back our mowers off the trailer. Using alternating lines so as to not cause ruts and uneven lawn surfaces we will mow, then follow up with gas powered string trimmers and shape the grass as it meets beds or sidewalks at an angle to crisp up the site. Finally we will remove debris left over on hard surfaces from the job and leave nothing but a very well manicured property.




Usually, the term "hardscape" refers to a non-plant item such as a walkway, stone patio or retaining wall. When asked to complete a job we know that it is an investment in your property. Solutions range from a small fire pit or a water feature for entertainment to problem solving on the property!


How long have we been installing hardscape products? 
Do you offer repair work? 

Yes we do! We know that there are many other companies out there and they do a great job too. Like anything however, maintenance needs to be performed. We will not try to upsell our job to you to make money and discourage you more about a project that may need attention. You have asked us to help, and we operate from a standpoint of honesty.  


The easiest thing for a contractor to do is to give you a quote, a nod and a promise the work will be completed. Not much trust there is there? We have great references and want to add your project to our list! Each project has it's details and considerations so we will work quickly to give you a quote that is detailed to the conversation you had when we dreamed together. If you've read our section about hiring a professional, then you've already figured out that we are here for you and our past experiences speak volumes. This is an investment that we take seriously and we'll shake your hand after the job is done to say "thank you!"

Licensed and insured?

Simple answer: YES. 


What type of materials do you use? 

We used manufactured stone products from companies like TechoBloc, Oberfields and Unilock. Lighting varies with the application, but we prefer to work with local companies or other businesses that hold industry standards in high regard. Name brands change but we work with industry leaders. Our name will be synonymous with the job we do - it better be quality! 

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