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1. Hire the experts. Would you try to install a new home electrical system if you’ve only ever taken one electrical systems class in high school? Most likely not…and we hope not! Chances are you’d call your local electrician to do the job. What if your dream backyard entails a stream and pool, beautiful plants and shrubs, winding walkways, sidewalk lighting, and a huge deck? Would you tackle these projects yourself or hire the experts? If you want the job done right and everything installed and built properly, you would hire a professional landscape design company. We are the experts you can rely on to know all standards and more often than not we exceed standards to make sure the job is done right!


2. Professional landscapers have excellent ideas that workSince professional landscape companies have years of experience with a wide variety of great customers, they are familiar with certain designs and ideas. At Liberty Lawn Care & Landscaping, we have many, many customers, and we regularly attend trade shows and continue education in order to gather even more ideas. Based on our customer’s designs, we know what works and what does not work. There are some backyard spaces that cannot have certain features built in, based on architecture, slope of your yard, and other elements - we'll know this and advise of options. We are familiar with certain ideas and landscape designs that work well. Knowing this information can help save you money, time, and effort in the long run. When you hire us, you aren’t just getting a landscape company, you are hiring a team of consultants that can help you design and implement your own personal backyard sanctuary.


3. Professional landscapers know how to avoid common pitfallsSimilar to point #2 mentioned above, we know how to avoid the most common pitfalls that sometimes arise during landscape design and building. Knowing these elements can undoubtedly save you money, and can speed up the entire project. An example: say you were doing the landscaping yourself and you planted several plants and shrubs in your front yard and backyard (plants and shrubs that need consistent watering). Did you account for sun and shade throughout the day? Are there larger trees in the area that may well pose a hindrance to the best growth possible? We want you to enjoy the hard work that it would take to spruce up your yard and the investment into the plants - the first time! Having the experience and the knowledge will help with headaches later on. Are you thinking of planting a tree by the house and allow enough space for roots to grow or the canopy to not grow into the gutters? 


4. Professional landscapers will help you design your own personal oasis. Maybe you have looked at home magazines or watched HGTV to help design your backyard. You probably have so many ideas to implement, but how do you do it? How do you logistically accomplish this task the right way? You hire a professional landscaping team. Our landscapers have many years of experience building and designing backyards and front yards. We have created beautiful backyard retreats for our customers - we like doing this and if you are interested in hiring us, call us at 419.886.0212.


5. Professional landscapers can conceptualize your landscaping and help you maintain your budget. Tackling a huge backyard makeover by yourself is not recommended. A lot of planning and designing goes into it, not to mention the tools to implement your ideas. Liberty Lawn Care and Landscaping will take care of all of this for you. When we meet in the beginning to discuss your project(s), we will also talk about your budget. We keep this in mind so we can create a beautiful outdoor space for you and not hurt your wallet so much. Also, we are well aware of how much materials cost nowadays. If you are budget-conscious, we can determine how to give you an outdoor paradise without going over your budget.


6. They are well-versed with your local climate. The climate in your region is a very important factor when designing your landscaping. You want to make sure your landscaper is well-versed on the local climate near your home.You surely do not want to plant shrubs that will not survive throughout a harsh winter. You also want to consider which types of flowers, shrubs, etc to plant—- perennials, biennials, etc.Another example: if we are designing and building a deck or a patio, we take into account the local climate. This is very important. If it rains or snows quite a bit where your home is located, we want to factor that into the design.During our initial meeting, we can discuss the weather elements and how they will play a part in our design.


7. Professional landscapers typically offer several services to help you. Broadening your options can be a very good thing. When hiring a company to complete your property, we have the expertise to bring about the whole package including yard grading, re-seeding and mulching to put icing on the cake.With the combination of any of our services, we know you will absolutely love your brand new backyard oasis. It’s about more than specific services though. It’s about designing an outdoor lifestyle for you and your family.


8. Professional landscapers can do the job right. Professionals typically have several years of experience, which will benefit you as the homeowner. Liberty Lawn Care & Landscaping not only has experience with landscape design, lighting, and more, but we also know how to do the job right.For instance, the last thing you want is to complete your landscaping job only to find out the homeowner’s association or the county required a working permit(s). Now you will most likely be faced with fines, fees, and the permit fees. You do not want that.


9. Professional landscapers have the tools and expertise to install lighting, electrical, and wiring. Do you want to install beautiful landscape lighting but have no electrical experience or the tools to do the job right (and safely)? Our landscape company has installed many types of landscape lighting for our customers.We are knowledgeable of different types of lighting options that are perfect for outdoors.Most importantly, we follow all safety precautions to install the lighting professionally and the right way. This will surely give you peace of mind. Safety is one of our top priorities.


10. Want a pool, stream, sprinklers, irrigation, or a pond installed? Professional landscapers can help.Do you have a backyard design in mind already, but wondering whether or not you can also have water features installed? Wondering how extensive of a project this is and if you can afford it?From fountain installation to waterfalls (and other water installations), Liberty Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. can customize. We can talk about this during the initial meeting to determine if this is a good decision for you.

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