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Service Details

  • Mowing: Lawns are maintained on a weekly bases or as needed basis.  Mowing regularly at an appropriate, even height (between 3”-4” depending on the type of grass and terrain) will contribute to maintaining a well-manicured and healthy appearance. Alternating lines and patterns of cutting helps to insure that no rutting will develop. Mowing outside of the normal operating season will only be conducted if necessary to maintain a well-manicured appearance. 

  • Edging: When contours allow, crews will edge all sidewalks and curbs. Edging is done with a mechanical metal blade edger at a minimum of once a month to provide a clean and defined boundary.

  • Trimming: Grass around flower beds, trees, concrete statues, street signs, hydrants, lamp posts, fences (unless weed control is applied) and other obstructions in the grassed areas will be trimmed with a string trimmer to provide a well-maintained appearance.

  • Clean up: To finish the job, all sidewalks, curbs, driveways and patios will be blown off of all grass clippings, dirt, and debris. Typically lawns are not bagged on the grass clippings but in some cases may be.  


  • Landscape Maintenance: Clean up of landscape beds; remove plant waste, leaves, and other debris. Provide crisp clean edging to define the beds. Apply a pre-emergent to help with weed control and spread desired color of mulch. 

  • Trimming: Hand trim all shrubs, bushes and trees (5ft or under).  This services is typically done in the late spring and fall. 

  • Weed Control: Monthly liquid application to all landscape beds, concrete areas, driveways, and any other specified areas. Hand pulling will occur if weed are tall. 

  • Fall Clean Up: Clean up of landscape beds from leaves and plant debris. Cut back perennials. 

  • Leaf Removal: Recommended to be done twice to properties. Leaves will be removed from the sight if needed and can be dumped in the woods if possible. Specific leaf equipment is used for this service along properties to be cleaned up in a timely manor. 

  • Landscape Design and Install: Free estimates are provide to those who are looking to redo, update, or freshen up their landscape beds. We are able to provide a large variety are plant, shrubs, and tree selections from our on site Garden Center. 

  • Lawn Install: Spring and Fall is the prime time to install a new lawn or seed bare spots. Liberty uses a mixed grass seed blend to provide your lawn the best chance for full lush coverage. 

Service Details


  • Retaining Walls

  • Patios 

  • Steps 

  • Firepits 

  • Pergolas

  • Sidewalks 

Service Details


Treatment Schedule:
Early Spring Crabgrass Control (March-April)


Late Spring Broadleaf Control (May-June)


Late Summer Grub, Pest & Insect Control (July-August)


Early Fall Broadleaf Control (September-October)


Late Fall Feralization (November-December)

Aeration (Autumn)

Why is weed control important for my lawn?

Weeds compete with grass for space, water, nutrients, and light. They can be very aggressive and take over a lawn quickly if not kept in check. Proper mowing, watering, and fertilization help control weeds more than anything; a thick lawn has a better chance to choke out weeds. Unfortunately, there are no preventative broadleaf weed products on the market, so we have to stay on them as they come up throughout the season (spring and fall).


Why is fertilizer important for my lawn?

Lawns require fertilizer to maintain health and vigor. The key is applying the correct fertilizer at the right time. A well-fertilized lawn will make your lawn healthier and thicker, which will help fight against weeds, drought, and disease. A slow-release nitrogen should be used to prevent excessive upper growth, as the roots are the key to any plant’s survival. The healthier the plant, the better, and fertilizer is a critical component to having a beautiful lawn


How long should I wait to mow after an application?

For the best results, we advise 24 hours. For children and pets, please follow the same guideline. If the lawn is still wet from morning dew, you can wait until it’s dry to be sure. If you are mowing high, you can technically mow the same day and still be okay, but waiting 24 hours is best.



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