Snow removal would be easy if it looked like a Christmas Card - all white and fluffy, neatly piled in all the right places as it fell, serene and calming...

That is not the case here. All of our busy lives lead us to check our weather apps, listen to the radio or watch the forecast on TV. This is where Liberty Lawn Care and Landscaping comes in. For commercial properties, we take the guesswork out of removing snow from your business. We take safety and ice control seriously. 

  • 24/7 Commercial snow removal. We are monitoring the storms as they come in so we stay ahead of the path. 

  • We know the materials that provide the best protection for your concrete such as calcium chloride and stay aware of the technologies that go into successful ice control. 

  • Pre-season inspections are important to us so we can see the property for what it is. We place snow stakes where needed. Post season inspections prove that we have taken care of the property. 

  • Meeting the needs of our customers in a timely manner is priority and at the height of the storm, we are there. If you need your lot and/or sidewalks clear by a certain time we work hard to make sure we are there before you need to worry about it. 

  • Small or large, we are equipped to handle the weather that no one wants to go out to tackle. With 20 staffed crews we cover the areas that our customers are located in with precision and efficiency. Snow blowers, shovels, salt spreaders, backpack blowers... we'll clean it for you.

  • We are quick to make sure if damage happens on a property we document it and bring it to you. If you notice something out of the ordinary from our visit and believe that it is our liability, we give you 10 days to bring it to our attention and if we were the cause, we will make it right.

If you need references or a client list, please contact us first and we'll get that to you!