Maintaining your lawn is the best way to stop the spread of weeds and disease.  While a lawn with straight lines and a crisp appearance is nice, we strive to keep the health of your lawn in check too.  Lawn service includes mowing the grass, trimming and edging where it applies and providing your lawn with a professional appearance. Upon the owners request, we will bag grass. However, it is good to leave the clippings as it helps retain the proper nutrients that the lawn needs. If there is an excess of grass laying on the top, we will scatter the clumps. "Grass cycling" or leaving the clippings can add as much as 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet seasonally. Which can result in a 25 to 35% reduction in total fertilizer applied annually. Other studies have shown that, when you bag clippings, you remove about 100 to 150 pounds of nitrogen per acre, every year. University tests have found that mulched trimmings in a thin layer will promote microbial activity and fight the development of fungal disease(s). 

Liberty Lawn Care and Landscaping, Inc. will furnish all necessary equipment to service a customers property.  

  • Mowing: Contractor shall mow the grass weekly or as needed, or as the weather permits. Mowing regularly at an appropriate, even height (between 3”-4” depending on the type of grass and terrain) will contribute to maintaining a well-manicured and healthy appearance. Alternating lines and patterns of cutting to  help insure that no rutting will develop. Mowing outside of the normal operating season will only be conducted if necessary to maintain a well-manicured appearance. Removing un-natural obstacles and trash will commence as we mow.

  • Edging: When contours allow, contractor will edge sidewalks and curbs, to include paved driveways and ground level patios. Edging will be performed with a mechanical metal blade edger at a minimum of once a month to provide a clean and defined boundary.

  • Trimming: Grass around flower beds, trees, concrete statues, street signs, hydrants, lamp posts, fences (unless weed control is applied) and other obstructions in the grassed areas will be trimmed with a string trimmer to provide a well-maintained appearance.

  • Clean up: To finish the job, all sidewalks, curbs, driveways and patios will be blown off of all grass clippings, dirt, and debris