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Service Details: 

  • Mowing: Lawns are maintained on a weekly bases or as needed basis.  Mowing regularly at an appropriate, even height (between 3”-4” depending on the type of grass and terrain) will contribute to maintaining a well-manicured and healthy appearance. Alternating lines and patterns of cutting helps to insure that no rutting will develop. Mowing outside of the normal operating season will only be conducted if necessary to maintain a well-manicured appearance. 

  • Edging: When contours allow, crews will edge all sidewalks and curbs. Edging is done with a mechanical metal blade edger at a minimum of once a month to provide a clean and defined boundary.

  • Trimming: Grass around flower beds, trees, concrete statues, street signs, hydrants, lamp posts, fences (unless weed control is applied) and other obstructions in the grassed areas will be trimmed with a string trimmer to provide a well-maintained appearance.

  • Clean up: To finish the job, all sidewalks, curbs, driveways and patios will be blown off of all grass clippings, dirt, and debris. Typically lawns are not bagged on the grass clippings but in some cases may be.  

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